Retaining, Cultivating, and Investing: Strategies for Leading Millennial Managers

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Understanding the importance of engaging our next generation of leaders is a challenge we all must face when seeking to retain talent. It is imperative that we foster environments that treat our teams like thoughtful leaders, relay our commitment to their success, and foster a meaningful work culture that enables and promotes innovative ideas.

Check out the article written by our very on Recruiter, Tara D. Carter and her colleague, Donald Walker III,  in the Journal of Government Financial Management  on what it takes to Retain, Cultivate, and Invest in the Millennial Managers aspiring for continued growth in their respective organizations. 

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Meet Our Recruiter:

Tara D. Carter is a Corporate Recruiter with Williams Adley. Tara holds a Master of Arts degree from Morgan State University and has conducted research and facilitated leadership development and workplace preparation seminars targeted at millennials.

Tara Carter