AUDIT and Assurance


Williams Adley provides the full spectrum of financial audits, performance audits, and attestation engagements as defined by GAO’s Yellow Book for both civilian and defense agencies. We design our audits and examinations to provide a value-added perspective and to enhance financial management, operations, and accountability.   


Financial Audits

Federal Financial Statement Audits - Williams Adley entered the federal financial statement audit arena soon after the CFO Act of 1990 was passed.  Since then we have worked continuously to enhance the quality of our audits by focusing on our methodology, our process, and our communication. We use technology at every turn to enhance data analysis, workflow, and information sharing so that we can deliver the quality audit our clients deserve.  The GAO/CIGIE FAM forms the foundation of our audit approach but we look to incorporate additional procedures as appropriate to customize our approach for each client. Williams Adley’s auditors come with deep industry expertise, a determination to resolve engagement challenges with minimal risk, and a client focused relationship style that supports satisfaction. 

Incurred Cost Audits - In support of OIGs, and other federal and state agencies and programs, Williams Adley determines if costs incurred are reasonable, allocable, eligible, and allowable in accordance with laws, regulations, and contract terms and conditions. We also assess the adequacy of internal controls over government funds and ensure com­pliance with contract terms and conditions. Our audit findings have led to the recovery of millions of dollars of government funds.  Williams Adley's professionals are knowledgeable of relevant OMB Circulars, Code of Federal Regulations, agency acquisition requirements, and the DCAA Audit Manual as appropriate.  


Performance Audits

Performance audits continue to be in high demand from federal agencies because of the broad range of audit objectives governed by performance audit requirements.  As such performance audits remain one of Williams Adley’s core service offerings. Through performance audits we assess the performance of an organization, program, activity, or function in order to provide information to improve accountability and facilitate decision-making by responsible parties. We audit state grant recipients and contract awardees, and perform economy and efficiency and program audits of all types. Our clients look to Williams Adley to deliver thoughtful and actionable recommendations aimed at financial and compliance improvement.    


Attestation Engagements


For clients who have reporting needs that don't require an audit of financial statements, Williams Adley performs attestation engagements to examine, review, or apply agreed-upon procedures to the subject matter, or an assertion about the subject matter, which is the responsibility of another party. 

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